Ceremony Flowers

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, and although it may only be for a short period of time, having a selection of floral decorations which reflect your style is the perfect way to personalise the space and make it special for your wedding.

Religious ceremony

Depending on the style of the venue and your budget you may only want to look at having a few statement pieces. Many traditional venues have interesting architectural features and beautiful decor so it might not be necessary to decorate everywhere with flowers. The most popular choices for church decorations are pew end arrangements and possibly one or two large pedestal displays.

Other decorations could include Lychgate arrangements, entrance decoration such as a floral arch, bay trees or a flower heart hung on the door, and flower arrangements or foliage garlands arranged along the window sills.

Religious ceremony flowers
Religious Ceremony flower heart

Civil ceremony

If you are having your wedding and reception within the same venue then you may want to look at arrangements that can be used as ceremony decor and also be used for decoration during the reception. Pedestal arrangements are large displays which can be used either side of the ceremony table and then can be positioned either at the entrance to the reception area or at either end of the head table. Also if you choose to have flowers decorating the ceremony table they can then be used as decoration on the top table during the reception.

Civil Ceremony
Civil ceremony