Fresh Flowers

All our beautiful flowers are very carefully chosen, we use high quality flowers from all around the world. There is something quite magical about the natural beauty of fresh flowers, the striking elegance of a calla lily or the gorgeous, velvety texture of a rose petal. Not to mention the amazing fragrances of flowers, such as sweet peas, freesia or lilies.

Don’t worry if you are unsure about which flowers will be best to suit your style and budget I am more than happy to discuss different flower varieties and suggest seasonal flowers that are available to create the perfect bouquets and arrangements for your wedding day.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Where possible I would always recommend including flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. The main reasons for this, is that the flowers will be at their best quality when they are in their natural season and usually the best price. When ordering flowers that are out of season, for many varieties you will find they are much smaller, of a lower quality and often cost significantly more.

Pink wedding bouquet
white and grey bouquet

Spring flowers

Narcissi, tulips, ranunculus, muscari, anemones (early spring), hyacinth, stocks, genista and lilac.

Summer flowers

Roses, hydrangea, delphinium, sweet peas, peonies (early summer), calla lilies, nigella and sunflowers.

Autumn flowers

Crocosmia, physalis, sedum, gladioli, aster, snowberries, scabious seed heads, craspedia and celosia.

Winter flowers

Ranunculus, tulips, brunia, amaryllis, orchids, eryngium, anemones, skimmia and eryngium.