Wedding Flower Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for wedding flowers in your chosen colour scheme or perhaps have a theme in mind and want to look for suitable seasonal flowers, please click on the links below for colour inspiration and seasonal wedding flower ideas.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding has a number of advantages, firstly the flowers will be at their best quality. When ordering flowers out of their natural season, for many varieties you will find they are much smaller and of a lower quality.
Secondly if you choose flowers that are in season they will be much better value for money and often longer lasting as well. If you have a limited budget for your wedding flowers I would definitely recommend choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding to help keep the cost down.

If you want to include a particular flower but it isn’t in season at the time of your wedding, for example if you love daffodils but your wedding is in the autumn you may want to consider using silk flowers as an alternative. The quality of artificial flowers has improved dramatically over the last few years and I always try to source the highest quality silk flowers.

Colour Themes

The colour scheme for your wedding will help create the overall feel you want for the day, and should reflect your personalities as a couple. Your choice of colors will be in many different aspects of your wedding day, including your invitations, table decorations, wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses, the bride’s wedding dress and mens suits.

When choosing your wedding venue you should also take note of the decor in the room, especially if you have a particular theme or wedding colour scheme in mind for your big day. If you are struggling to choose a colour scheme for your wedding, looking at the decor of your venue is a good place to start along with considering the season. You may also want to look at dresses with your bridesmaids, especially if you think it may be difficult finding a colour and style that suits them all.